This section is dedicated to vitamins commonly prescribed to Lyme Patients. Medical and FDA Disclosures Below.



antioxidant, good for brain, energy.

Folic Acid:
for the gut. Folate is a B vitamin needed to form healthy cells especially red cells. Foods that contain folic acid; spinach, lentils, and garbanzo beans.

for fatigue, energy, blood function, digestion.

neurological support, overall support of almost all of the regulatory systems in the body (good for everything)

Magnesium Citrate:
magnesium and citric acid; often used to treat constipation.

Magnesium Molate:
magnesium and malic acid; for brain heart, bones, kidneys, chronic neurological conditions.

B12 for nervous system, known to help with tingling, numbness, burning sensations.

broken-down / concentrated form of folic acid (B Vitamins)

Vitamin A:
regenerative antioxidant, good for the depleted Lyme Patient

Vitamin B:
B6 and B12 for energy, anxiety, good for the depleted Lyme Patient

Vitamin B50:
Good information on B50:
More information on B50:

Vitamin B12 Shots:
Information on B12 Shots:

Vitamin C:
regenerative antioxidant, good for bones, joints, skin and teeth, good for the depleted Lyme Patient

Vitamin D:
adrenal and thyroid health, anti-inflammatory

Vit D3 K2:
D3 for energy, and K2 to activate proteins for blood function and absorbing the D.

Vitamin E:
neurological health




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Web MD; Consise (yet more thorough) list of the known benefits of all the vitamins:

University of Maryland Medical Center:



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