This section is dedicated to spit-balling about the future.

🙂 Having fun y’all! 🙂

Wish List for the Future: Selling Swag and Art for the various causes on this website!

T-Shirt Ideas
Artwork for the Cause

T-Shirt Ideas:

(We’re brain-storming modern, fun, and or interesting ideas for t-shirts to promote awareness for chronic conditions and diseases IN THE FUTURE.)

  • Concert Like T-shirts
    Example: Chronic Life on the front, all bad-ass, and a bulleted list of conditions on the back, like concert t-shirts. Another example: “Lymies” on the front with symptoms or stats on the back.
  • “Spoonie” T-Shirts: Big old fashion spoons, chiaroscuro spoons on a black shirt, spoons in bouquets….
  • Of course, t-shirts with on them with our Lunar Moth rocking different colors.
  • …?


Artwork for the cause:

IDEA: We use original pieces from pain community artists (patients or their care-givers), create PRINTS, sell the prints, and  a certain percentage goes to the causes. What do y’all think???

If you have Lyme or EDS and you have an artwork website or FB page, please let me know. I would love for your inspirational labor to be enjoyed by others. We will add the link right here. 🙂