This section is dedicated to EDS related paraphernalia / accoutrements / stuff / things / sundries, miscellanea / bric-a-brac. Medical and FDA Disclaimers Below.


Kt Tape! (Kinesio Tape)

Possibly, the most prominent item for an EDS patient. The good news, they come in lots of colors. The PDF below contains instructions (including pictures) on all the various taping areas.
EDS, Complete Pain Guide: (PDF)

Finger Splints

Finger Splint Rings; Easily obtained through usual online shopping methods, including Amazon and Walmart. (or possibly, your pharmacy-of-choice could order it for you.)

They come in a lot of different materials; rubber, compression fabric, silver, etc. Consider this; while the metal ones will, obviously, be more rigid, the rubbber-y ones may fit over other compression garments in use.

Sensory Deprivation Items:

All of these items can be found through your usual online shopping methods; Amazon, Walmart, etc. (or possibly, your pharmacy-of-choice could order it for you.)

sleep masks
black out curtains,
ear plugs
sleep machine

Shower Chair

Easily found at most pharmacies. Also check Amazon or your online pharmacy of choice. Please be careful, but ebay maybe another options for you.

Heat and Cold Sundries

microwaveable  neck pillows with pills/beans inside
head ice cap (migraines)
heating pad collection
cold pack collection

Cura Heat Patches: Boasts 12 hours of heat!!! we are hearing that is does work.


There are a lot of memory foam-type back support pillows out there for spinal stenosis, sciatica, etc. Broadly speaking they are “lumbar support pillows.”

You can find back, butt or both easily on Amazon or your preferred orthopedics site. Consider e-bay as well, but please be careful purchasing something used, of course.

Check out

back cushions
butt cushions
bed wedges (acid reflux)

Medical Grade Recliner Chair
We know many EDS patients that have elected to sleep in a medical grade recliner. Typically, they offer more position options than a typical recliner. They lay completely flat as well as in a feet up position. As always, check with your doctor. Medial Disclaimer Below.

Tilt table
These are similar to the tables in a hospital setting that can be pulled towards you. These tables can be tilted down to help you get into a position where you can write, reach a tablet, or work on your computer. Look for one that will securely hold onto your laptop. We love this recommendation. Enjoy!


This area can be tricky. Broadly speaking; when the pharmacy over-the-counter compression / support-wear is not helping you, visit your physician. Many braces can be tailored-made. They make a big difference!

Note: sometimes the adjustable braces are being sold on ebay. Check it out, it might help you save a little $$$. Special Note: Neck braces; be careful if you have TMJ. Watch the height of the brace.

Check Out Aspen and Vista Products:



More information on researching and purchasing the products within this website:
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