This section is dedicated to holistic products that are re-usable things. For example Earthing Mats and Personal Saunas. Medical and FDA Disclaimer Below.


Earthing Mat
Steam Sauna and Ozone Sauna
Sleep Aids

Earthing Mat:

Principle; when in direct contact with the Earth, your body becomes suffused with negatively charged free electrons and equalizes you to the same electric energy level as the earth. It’s an anti-disease, free radical devise.
An earthing mat or sheet plugs into the wall for x amount of time to build these free electrons, and then you sleep or otherwise spend time (sitting at computer) in direct contact with the mat.  This product can easily be found on Amazon, or your go-to website of choice. We are seeing a lot of options, please do your research and find a quality product from a safe website.
Wellness Mama on Earthing Mats:

Steam Sauna and Ozone Sauna:

Steam Sauna, opens up the pours and detoxes the body, relaxes the body, and oxygenates.
Ozone Sauna, added to the steam sauna to add extra purification. Good for circulation and pain.
More on Steam and Ozone Saunas:
Youtube Video showing how to set up your Ozone Sauna:

More on Ozone Therapy:
It’s the healing power of oxygenation on many bodily ailments, conditions and diseases. Uses; anti-inflammation, healing, disinfecting, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal. How it’s used? You name it! It’s injected, irrigated, infused, breathed in, used in a sauna, applied topically… so on. How do you get it done? On your computer, search your area for places that do it. Research it more! Lots of stories with different prices and insurance culpability. We suggest you research your options and then check with your physician.
Really NICE blog on all the different types of Ozone therapy:


Sleep Aids:

The Little Things
Fitness Trackers
White Noise Machines

The Little Things:

Deprivation Products to Consider:
sleep masks, ear plugs, black-out curtains
Note: these can easily be found at your local pharmacy, your on-line pharmacy of choice,,, and so on.

Fitness Trackers:

Fitness Trackers that include a sleep monitor can greatly assist you in discovering what helps or hinders your sleep. They monitor your heart rate and track for various rhythms. The monitors include tracking for how much you are at-rest, restLESS sleeping, and restFUL sleeping depending on the device. Check your insurance; sometimes they offer deals on fitness trackers.
Check out the various options:
Check out Fitbit
it’s cheaper cousin Fitbit flex
Misfit, that we LOVE as a cheaper option!
Garmin Vivofit
and so on.
These devices are getting easier and easier to find at good prices. Check your typical cheaper-known stops; Walmart, Target, Amazon. Again, check your insurance; sometimes they offer deals on fitness trackers.

White Noise Machines:

A white noise machine helps to sooth the listener with various sounds such as white or pink static noises, or sounds such as rain or the ocean. Furthermore, it helps to block out intermittent noises that happen during the night for a more restful night sleep.
More information on what is a white noise machine:
To see if a noise machine helps, start by trying it out on your preexisting device like a cell phone or tablet. Find a white noise app for your device, or go to You Tube to find noises to try out. Remember to give yourself some time to acclimate to the sounds.
You Tube, White noise search:
You Tube, Ocean waves for 8 hours., White noise machine search:


More information on researching and purchasing the products within this website:
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Medical and FDA Disclaimers:

Medical Disclaimer:
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