This section is dedicated to hints and tips for preventing tick bites. Medical and FDA Disclaimers Below.


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Information on Permethrin
Tips for keeping the bugs off you

ONLY known chemical to kill ticks.

Permethrin facts:

Going Outside To Do Yard Work or Going on a Hike???

  1. Permethrin: NO CONTACT with SKIN or PETS.
  2. Permethrin: Available as a spray. Spray your clothing.
  3. Keep a designated outdoor, yard-work outfit that you can utilize when needed. Tuck in all materials; tuck your shirt in, tuck your sleeves into your gloves, tuck your pants into your socks.
  4. Permethrin: Included in a lot of today’s  anti-bug yard repellents   available at your local “weed and feed” or “home repair” location.

Website of note:

Bug Be Wear:
Clothing with repellant woven in:

Article on keeping ticks away:
Note: While killing ticks is only proven with Permethrin, there are other chemicals and essential oils that many ticks do not like. This becomes important when you do not want to add permethrin to your clothing. It is a strong/dangerous chemical.


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Medical and FDA Disclaimers:

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