This section is dedicated to holistic products and therapies that have been known to help alleviate the symptoms of migraines with varying degrees of success. Medical and FDA Disclaimers Below.

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” -Walter Elliot


Essential Oils
Sensory Products
Other Therapies to Try
Dietary Considerations
Recommended Reading


Supplements and Vitamins:

Well known supplement for Migraine. Said to reduce Migraines including sensory symptoms.

For migraines. Butterbur is a bush. The leaves have been used for migraines, pain, anxiety, cough, fever, gut health, wound healing, allergies, allergic skin reactions, and asthma.
More on Butterbur:

White Willow
Well known for pain.

Valerian Root
Well known for Pain and relaxation.

B2, used as a migraine preventative.
(A complex B vitamin is recommended by many sufferers. )

Brain Function Vitamin

Omega 3’s / Flaxseed Oil
For anti-inflammatory properties.


Tiger Balm Red, or White:
Topical balm, Camphor and Menthol, easily found at most of your typical phamacy locations.
More info on Tiger Balm

Stopain Migraine:
Topical balm, spray, or roll-on. Menthol and a bunch of other topical pain relieving ingredients.
More on Stopain:


Essential Oils:

As a Rub:

Smelling or Vaporizing:

LOTS More information on Oils:
Essential Oils


Sensory Products:


If light is a trigger:

Consider your window treatments:
Shades or Shears
consider black-out curtains, they are easy to find in department stores, as well as Target and Walmart.

consider an INdoor and OUTdoor pair

Consider a Sleep Mask.

If odors are a trigger: 

Consider deodorizers in your home:
Consider an air purification fan. Or try a Himalayan Salt Lamp, proven to deodorize a room. (Get one with a dimmer switch, so you can control the light level on your more difficult days.)

If noise is a trigger:

Consider Ear Plugs

Consider a white noise machine
A white noise machine helps to sooth the listener with various sounds such as white or pink static noises, or sounds such as rain or the ocean. Furthermore, it helps to block out intermittent noises that happen during the night for a more restful night sleep.
More information on what is a white noise machine:
To see if a noise machine helps, start by trying it out on your preexisting device like a cell phone or tablet. Find a white noise app for your device, or go to You Tube to find noises to try out. Remember to give yourself some time to acclimate to the sounds.
You Tube, White noise search:
You Tube, Ocean waves for 8 hours., White noise machine search:


Other Therapies to Try:


Ice Cap for the head.
A hat or head band that holds ice packs.  Optionally it can hold hot packs. Consider adding essential oils too!
Amazon Ice Cap Search:
Icekap. com

Migraine Acupuncture
Please search for a licensed acupuncturist.
More information on Acupuncture for Migraine:

Hypnotherapy for Migraine
Search for a certified hypnotherapist.
More info on Hypnotherapy for Migraine:

Daith Piercing:
An “acupuncture piercing” through the innermost cartilage-fold of the ear; known to help with migraine pain.


 Dietary Considerations:

Foods to limit or eliminate:
(Note: consider starting a food diary to track which foods are effecting you negatively)

Even Caffeine free can be a problem.


Watch condiments.

Try white chocolate.

Dairy Products
The older more processed the worse it is.

(especially MSG)

Processed Meats
Beware of Nitrates. i.e.  log meats (pepperoni and sausage),  lunch meats, canned, smoked, etc.

Citric Juices


Fresh Breads
Less than one day old the worst.

Fake sugars
Sweet n low, Splenda etc.


For a more detailed List of foods to avoid, and more on Migraines, check out our Recommended Reading Below!


Recommended Reading:

“Heal Your Headache: The 1 2 3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain.” -by David Buchholz, M.D. (of the John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine)

More Holistic Reading Material with more on Pain and Headaches:
Holistic / Alternative Medicine Recommended Reading



More information on researching and purchasing the products within this website:
About- Tips on Purchasing Your Items

Medical and FDA Disclaimers:

Medical Disclaimer:
Common Sense dictates that the following is now added: Please note that recommended reading and its practicum, product information, physical therapies, and any and all advice presented in this collection is intended for the convenience of the reader. For advice on medical issues you should always consult your local medical practitioner.

FDA Disclaimer:
The products and their practicum shown on this website or discussed in our communications have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified physician.


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