This section is dedicated probioics as they pertain to long-term users / Lyme patients. For more general information on Probiotics check GI Track Probiotics. Medical and FDA Disclaimers Below.



Types of probiotics used on long-term antibiotic users
Where to find these probiotics.
General information on probiotics


Probiotics for long-term antibiotic use:

There are only a couple of Probiotics usually used with Lyme patients to combat the digestive issues associated with long term antibiotic use. “Probiotics for-use-with antibiotics” will help your gut hold on to medications, nutrients, and fluids it desperately needs while on antibiotics

Saccharomyces boulardii  (Florastor)

Lactobacillus rhamnosus  (Culturelle)

Prescription Probiotic. A mix of a lot probiotics in one drink kept in the refrigerator. For patients with the most sever bowl issues.

Jarro Dophilis:
Formula w/Fructooligosaccharides. Includes 6 strains of gut healing probiotics.

Digesta Guard:
5 billion / 10-strain microorganisms, for the depleted body during illness.

Mega Flora:
50 billion / 14-strains. Included are prebiotics tailored to various options; “women’s,” “men’s”, or “over-50” caplet options.



Purchasing Probiotics:

  1. Sometimes your Lyme-literate doctor will have probiotics on-site and you can buy them there.
  2. You can ask your pharmacist at your local drug store where they keep their to-use-with antibiotics probiotics. These probiotics are sometimes not with the other probiotics, but instead they are in the irritable bowel area.
  3. More information on researching and purchasing the products in this website:
    About- Tips on Purchasing Your Items


General Information on Probiotcs:

Go to: GI Track- Probiotics where you will find the following:

What are probiotics?
Where the FDA currently stands on probiotics
Probiotic Foods
Prebiotic Foods
More information on the general use of probiotics





More information on researching and purchasing the products within this website:
About- Tips on Purchasing Your Items

Medical and FDA Disclaimers:

Medical Disclaimer:
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